Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Class Amount SECL Non-SECL
CLASS I & II 870 990
CLASS III & IV 970 1090
CLASS V & X 1030 1150
CLASS XI 2178 2359
CLASS XII 2300 2600


Fee Payment Schedule and Policy

Mode Description Due-Month
First Installment April-June April
Second Quarter July-September July
Third Quarter October-December October
Fourth Quarter January-March January


Monthly Fee Payment Schedule and Policy

Days/Date Description Class
I & II Monday SECL IV to XII
I & II Tuesday SECL Nursery to III
I & II Wednesday Non-SECL IV to XII
I & II Thrusday Non-SECL Nursery to III
15th of the Month All  
20th  to 25th of the Month All Class with Fine  


Terms of Payment

  • Parents/Students are requested to produce fee card while depositing the fees.Payment without Fee Card will be charged with a fine of 50/- and a duplicate fee card will be issued.
  • A Fee Card will be issued  to each student at the commencement of the Academic Year. The amount due for each quarter and the last date for its payment are stipulated in the relevant pay- in-slip of the card.
  • For new admission fee card will be issued in the month of March.
  • Working hours of the cash counter will be from 9.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m
    Monday to Friday.
  • If the fee is not paid by the due date late fee of 50 will be charged from 20th to 25th of the month. If fee is not paid for over 1 month of the due date, name of the  student will be struck of the rolls.
  •  In case of doubt regarding the payment of dues, parents are advised
    to make the payment first and ask for Refund Later.

Rules & Regulations


  • Self –discipline is the forte of the school
  • All students are expected to reach school before the bell rings.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against those who are habitually late.
  • School uniform is a discipline in itself and should be adhered to by all students. Students are expected to wear the school uniform in a proper manner as specified by the school.
  • Changing class rooms between periods should be done is silence and is an orderly manner.
  • Students are advised to keep their class rooms/school building/campus neat and clean. Waste material and leftovers must be thrown into the dustbins only.

Students should observe polite civil behavior. Shouting, bullying or use of foul language is forbidden.


The academic session April to March. In addition to the summer vacation, there will be short holidays for Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas. Working days- Monday to Saturday.


The arrival time of the students will be strictly followed and no late coming will be normally entertained. The principal may give exemption for the late comers on the ground of genuine reasons. The gate will be closed during the assembly time.

School Organism