About School

CPNSCHOOL is an online platform with in-depth information about Schools, Colleges, Universities and various Academic Institutes in India, intended for the students at various levels of their academic career.

We have a dedicated team based in south India. We endeavor to provide all-inclusive information on various institutes, wide range of academic programmes available in India and timley updates on admissions, examinations etc. This website has useful interactive features enabling the users to post their clarification requests & to share their opinion, reviews, ratings etc.

Please note that, we don't run any agency services or never seek monetary compensation for any services such as admissions & recruitment for 3rd parties.  


Vision & Mission

The School provides a sound education in a congenial atmosphere. The Quality Education is more than a priority for us. It has carried on the task of imparting quality education to all the citizens with commendable zeal and inspiration enabling the young minds to become conscious, active, and responsible individuals in the fast racing world. The school has a well chalked out timetable and syllabus that is carefully correlated to all the activities to ensure optimum benefit to all the children. It